Month: September 2017

Its like Hogwarts mail, but maybe, just not as exciting as Hogwarts mail.

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Hey guys! I am sure you have noticed by now my absence in review posting lately, (My apologizes for that!) I have been hard at work learning new spells and taming various magical beings. on a lot of new projects and really enjoying this community to its fullest!

If you follow me on twitter you will remember I announced like two weeks ago that I had exciting news coming up for you guys…

I am pleased to FINALLY be ready to share this news with you all…

First and foremost, I want to thank you guys for welcoming me into the bookish community and making me feel right at home. I have made so many awesome friends and cannot wait to meet more of you all! *gushhh*

Anyway, excuse my babbling, I’m just excited to be finally ready to share this! *deep breaths* okay, okay, I think I’m ready now..

I have gone self hosted! I know, It’s no Hogwarts letter Or Kingdom takeover but I think it’s still pretty neat. ☺️

So, Lets explore bookish realms together,

Be sure to subscribe and become apart of the shires Huntress club. Could lead to neat things in the future, like dragons or Secret council meetings Never know. 😉