Hello Book Lovers,

I’m Cheyenne, a 21 year old book-a-holic and The fangirl behind The Screen Of TheBookshireHuntress! When I was deciding the name for my blog I really wanted to combine my love of fantasy in with the fact that this is a blog about books and bookish things. I wanted it to be unique and something you might associate with Harry Potter or even Lord Of The Rings. I started thinking about being in a land of nothing but books and trying to hunt out the best ones to bring back to fellow readers. Soon I found myself with Shire in my head and Huntress in my heart, it all came together from there. This would be the shire for book lovers to come together and I would be the Huntress searching to find the perfect reads for us to enjoy on our bookish journeys!

Besides my overactive imagination and my extreme love for books, I enjoy connecting with others (and obsessing about books!), writing, spending time with my cats and dabbling with photography. You can also find me hiding away in the glorious world of Skyrim! My absolute favorite video game! 😀

I am excited to connect with fellow readers and be able to talk with you guys about your favorite books and even find new suggestions to add to my own shelf! *fangirl moment*

Without further ado, I am most pleased to welcome you to my little slice of bookish heaven, a mystical land of book reviews, books hauls, bookstagram fun and so many other surprises!

Thank you for stopping by ~