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Hush, Hush Review

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I put off reading Hush, Hush for far too long and decided it was finally time I give it a go.

Thankfully I was not disappointed in the slightest by this novel.

I did however have a few issues with the characters throughout the story, it grew to be a love/hate relationship towards them. I never fully hated the characters (except for Vee) but it would be hard to pinpoint a favorite character as they all had little quirks about them that I did not like.

I had so many thoughts rushing in my head about this novel that it was rather hard not to ramble on and on about about each and every aspect of this book.

For my own mental sanity and your reading safety, I decided to break it down into 5 main key thoughts. I figured that was better than unleashing all of my world-destructing rambles on you guys.

1. I have to start here because if I don't I may actually explode. VEE oh my gosh Vee was absolutely annoying to no end. I didn't run across a single moment in this book that I wasn't rolling my eyes at her. She was just that insufferable.

First of all, as the best friend of Nora she could have been a WAY better friend. Friendship isn't just about hanging out all the time and going shopping together. Friendship is built on trust and loyalty – when did Vee ever show either of those traits? Hardly ever.

After they met Elliot and Jules things just spiraled down from there with Vee. She chose to stick up for two guys she barely knew over her best friend because they are attractive. Even when Nora tried to warn her several times about the bad vibe Elliot and Jules gave her, Vee dismissed it thinking Nora was going crazy, and tried to pressure her into going on a date with Elliot. What kind of best friend does that? Not one I would keep, that's for sure.

2. Patch was a confusing character – anybody else think so? I get that he was the villain so he was supposed to play good guy/bad guy but my goodness would you make up your mind on how you feel towards Nora and do it in a less mentally abusive way?

His feelings and motives towards Nora were so unclear and back and forth that it was hard to keep up with. Did he want to kill her or kiss her today? Couldn't tell. That's what I was thinking throughout the entire first part of the book.

In the second half however, I started to like Patch a lot more maybe even to the point of a possible-favorite-character-in-the-making? Maybe? It seemed like he stopped playing so many games, reasoned up a bit and finally expressed his true feeling towards her. Sighs of relief. Phew. Overall, I liked patch but Im going to play hard to get on this one I didn't love love him – not yet anyways. I'm hoping crescendo will be a redeemer for him.

3. Nora was an alright character.
I don't have too much to say about her other than her character was kind of reckless and weak throughout the book which she never really redeemed herself with those qualities.

It seemed like she was always causing danger for herself, then running from said danger, only to later block it out and pretend that she was going crazy and it never happened?! (Honestly to me that was crazy).

But even crazier is she would not talk to anyone about it. She kept repeating these irrational choices sleuthing around and uncovering things she didn't want to know and then expecting someone to be able to save her from what she uncovered. I kept waiting for her to wise up, throw up some mental shields –Where is Rhysand when you need him, amiright? – and fight back or at least be smart about the choices she makes and stop playing the damsel in distress card.

4. A story about Fallen Angels?!
For a novel about fallen angels, mortal/ immortal love interests, mind games, stalkers and extremely-forbidden love I have to say this was one wild adventure that I really enjoyed.

Becca surprised me with how good this book ended up being. Her style of writing is amazing and she has a way of crafting a plot that intrigued me while holding my attention really well, I was constantly torn between which characters to trust and which to write off.

I think that was one of my favorite features and most brilliant points of the entire story how Becca crafted these characters to give you such a shady, bad feeling that you are constantly left battling within yourself trying to figure out which is the true villain among them all.
It made the read so much more engaging for me wondering who I would be right or wrong about. And there were a few occasions I found myself truly surprised at how wrong I was.

5. I would give Hush, Hush a solid 4 out of 5 stars. Or feathers? Would that be more appropriate?